History Of Yongmudo

Yong-in university [formerly known as Korea judo college] has been a Mecca of martial arts and sports education for about 60 years since 1953. With the mission of "do eui sang ma yook ye we shin" to contribute to Society with training of justice, courage, and obligation, and to build positive Character and leadership training, yong-in university became a world Renowned global leader of martial arts and sports. Start from judo, yongmudo is an integrated martial arts system taken from the disciplines of taekwondo, hapkido, kendo, ssireum, self–defense, arrest techniques, wrestling, boxing, and others. These are going side by side with Yongmudo since foundation of yong-in university. Great conception was in need for enhancing status of martial arts in upcoming millennium, the 21th century and with 50 year of experience, Localizing and globalizing martial arts and sports education of yongmudo, it was possible. To satisfy and actualize on these conceptions, yongmudo was developed by the current yong-in university president, dr. kim jung-heang. It is noteworthy that creating yongmudo was directly and indirectly motivated by the members of yong-in alumni residing overseas. Yongmudo was formally incorporated as a new martial arts discipline on October 15, 1998. A yongmudo development committee was also created and subsequently subdivided into academic & technical research sub-committees. The international yongmudo federation was founded on April 25, 2002.

History of Indian Yongmudo Committee

Yongmudo was founded in India by Master Rohit Narker in year 2015. He is currently the founder and president of Indian Yongmudo Federation.INDIAN YONGMUDO FEDERATION is also known as INDIAN YONGMUDO COMMITTEE. In last five years,the federation has successfully completed ten National Yongmudo Championship and various seminars,referee and instructor training programme. In December 2019,the federation has completed its 1st International Instructor and referee Yongmudo seminar under the supervision of two senior korean masters namely Master Kwon Tae-hyoung(Secretary General of Korea Yongmudo Association.)and master Kang Min-Chul(General Director of Korea Yongmudo Association.). The federation has been recognised by SGFI (School Games Federation of India) from the year 2015.In last five years,the Federation has completed five SGFI National Yongmudo Championship under the supervision of Master Rohit narker (President of IYF india) and Master Rana Ajay Singh(Secretary General of IYF india) and technical support given by Master Frankedel Sahayaraj (Technical Director of IYF india).


 After 5 Years Cumulative Martial Arts Education & Research At Yong-in University, Yongmudo Was

Developed From Korean Traditional Heritage And Culture, Hence The Mission Of IYF Is to Promote and Govern

The Global Development Of Yongmudo Guided By Yong-in University Philosophy and Techniques.Harmony of Body and the Mind, Cultural Implementation, Righteous Lifestyle and Safety for the Ultimate

Objective Of Building A Positive Character In Society Through Competition and Demonstration.The IYF Shall Observe General And Fundamental Educational, Cultural & Sports Values.

Rank Promotion of Yongmudo Shall Be Established and Implemented at yong-in University.

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